Why You Might Want to Read this Book

Why You Might Want to Read this Book

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God's Intervention: A Second Chance for Humankind
An interesting book that proposes solutions to many of the social and economic problems facing the world today.

If you are elderly: Do you sometimes feel that your generation is leaving the world in a bit of a mess for future generations and you would like comfort that things can be worked out?

If you are young: Are you searching for meaning in your life and a way to make the world a better place?

If you are religious: Do you wonder why there are so many religions in the world and why they end up at war with each other?

If you are not religious: Do you wonder why you feel so good when you help a person in need?

If you are confused about religion: Would you like to be able to reconcile God and Science?

If you are an intelligent life form from a planet in the Andromeda galaxy: Do the problems facing humankind bring back memories of the problems faced by your species during the “dark times”?

If you said “yes” to any of the questions above, God’s Intervention: A Second Chance for Humankind is recommended reading you.

In the last hundred years, human technologies have progressed exponentially while human spiritual and social systems have languished. Nuclear, chemical, biological and cyber weapons have proliferated and now threaten human existence.

Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution have honed human animal instincts to the point that other life forms on Earth are being crowded out. Part of the success of Homo sapiens is due to the formation of strong tribal groupings.

Like wolf packs and lion prides, tribes allowed humans to acquire and defend territories to supply the resources they needed to survive. Villages are tribes. Countries are tribes. Street gangs are tribes. Businesses are tribes. Religions are tribes. When humans come together in tribes they become emboldened and some commit atrocities that individuals within the tribes would never commit by themselves. Even the best-intentioned tribes often end up spawning hatred and intolerance toward the members of other tribes. Many also fan the flames of jealousy and greed.

Humankind needs to find a way to course-correct and become at one with its species. “God’s Intervention” is a fiction novel in which Sarah, the embodiment of the life force of 40 million women that have lived every life and died every death from every corner of the Earth throughout human history, provides answers to these and other important questions.

Speaking with one voice (and full of life thanks to co-author Helen Davies), Sarah stands up to world leaders (mostly men) and connects directly to every person on Earth by co-opting mainstream and social media channels. She outlines the true nature of God and the universe and helps humankind begin the long process of creating a united world at peace.

Sarah’s message is clear and she cannot be ignored!

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