Is There A Universal Life Force?

Is There A Universal Life Force?

The universe burst into existence about 14 billion years ago and we now have a pretty good idea how and when stars, galaxies and planets were formed. We also see abundant evidence of the chemical building blocks of life on planets, moons and asteroids throughout our solar system. Similar conditions are likely to have developed in trillions of other solar systems throughout time and space.

The question becomes where did the life force needed to animate these chemical compounds come from?

If there is a God, I now believe it is likely a form of intelligent energy that was present at the time of the big bang and now exists throughout the universe outside of normal space and time like quantum entangled electrons.

In essence, God would be the universal life force.

As the conditions necessary for life came into existence anywhere in the universe, God would provide the life force to begin the process of evolution that would culminate in the existence of intelligent life forms. By helping other living things, these intelligent beings would grow their individual life force exponentially.

At death, humans and other intelligent lifeforms who placed the needs of others above their own desires during their physical lives would join the ever increasing life force that is God. They would be united as one with the life force of all other advanced creatures and would have full knowledge of the secrets of the universe.

Intelligent beings that live lives full of hatred, intolerance and greed depress their own level of life force and the life force of others who are in contact with them. After death, such beings cease to exist and their life force is redistributed to the lowest forms of life.

In this simple model, we are all of God and God is all of us. We do not need to bow down and worship ourselves to join the universal life force after we die.

The physical universe as we know it will eventually go dark and be unable to support life but the universal life force will survive and will be much stronger than it was when the current universe burst into existence. Earth will cease to exist long before that.

Defining what will happen to the physical universe after the last star blinks out is beyond the scope of human understanding (at least this human). If it kick-starts in a different form, we, as part of God, will be ready to begin the process of facilitating the creation of life once again.

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  1. Certain indigenous cultures used psilocybin containing mushrooms under controlled conditions to help them come closer to understanding god. During their trips they could see how connected all life is.

    Buddha achieved the same result through meditation.

    The more industrialized a civilization becomes, the more removed we become from the natural world around us. This has led to a great increase in depression and anxiety. We try to overcome this by surrounding ourselves with ever more things which just increases our unhappiness.

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