Saving Humankind Without Divine Intervention

Saving Humankind Without Divine Intervention

With divine intervention, the process of saving humankind is driven from the top. God prevents humans from killing each other and enforces global disarmament. World political leaders, with a lot of coaching from God’s emissary Sarah, come together to revamp the United Nations into a viable world governance body and initiate projects like the colonization of the moon and mars to help excite and unite the people of the planet. With a new understanding of the true nature of God, humans soon form a new open and non-dogmatic church that is dedicated to bringing people together to celebrate the process of becoming at one with our species.

Without divine intervention, saving humankind must be a bottom up process since there are not currently any political or religious leaders working to create a united world at peace. Lobbying political and religious leaders will not achieve anything until overwhelming global popular support for action exists.

In “God’s Intervention” grass roots support for a united human race evolves rapidly under the auspices of the newly formed “Church of Humanity”. The new church has no dogma and is open to all people, regardless of their personal political or religious beliefs.

The only requirements for membership in the church is commitment to placing the needs of others ahead of one’s personal desires and to the goal of uniting humankind.

There is no room for hatred, intolerance or greed in the new church.

There are no physical churches. Members are united in real time by a new dedicated social media platform that ensures personal data security and is free from any business profiteering. There are frequent global events celebrating the process of uniting our species. Members of all ages are encouraged to reach out and establish relationships with their peers in other countries.

Together, members champion causes that will help unite the governments and religions of the world. This process will take several decades because leaders will be slow to cede authority to any global entity. Once their individual authority as leaders begins to depend upon actions designed to create a united world at peace, they will start to develop a global perspective.

The whole bottom-up movement has to gain traction slowly and peacefully or authoritarian governments and powerful religious zealots will intercede to thwart progress.

The objective is not to overthrow existing leaders but rather to help them focus on the issues that are critical to humankind’s survival.

I believe women have a dominant role to play in creating a world united and at peace for our children and grandchildren. The bottom-up movement will have to draw upon the strength of multiple Gretta Thunberg’s to get the job done.

“God’s Intervention” provides an outline of what an “Earth Council” might look like. There would still be nation states, but the most important global issues would be governed by the “Council”.

Disarmament would be the final phase of the bottom-up process and would likely occur over many more decades as our new leaders grudgingly come to trust one another.

Kenneth B. Little

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