About the Book

About the Book


A second chance for humankind

God_s Intervention by Ken Little and Helen Davies_salvation-inspiration-utopian-futuristic

American President Samuel Cummings, as the leader of a global nuclear power, must not only deal with domestic issues, but must navigate a world in which nuclear, chemical, biological, and cyber threats loom—a task for which he feels unprepared. Things look bleak until an emissary of God appears and delivers the message that humans will never be able to willingly kill one another again … and those who try, or enable others to try, will immediately die.

The emissary, Sarah, has a mission to educate humans about God―which is an intelligent life force fed by good actions and thoughts―and to share the message that spiritual development must grow to keep pace with technological development if humans are to counteract the male tribal mentality that has brought the world to the brink of destruction. Composed of 40 million women’s souls, representing all cultures, time periods and faiths, Sarah brings ‘she-energy’ into play as part of restructuring and balancing the world.

Sarah remains on Earth for one year to help the nations of the world deal with the socio-economic consequences caused by the end of war and killing and, promising to return every five years, leaves a legacy of hope—a second chance for humankind—behind.

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April 30, 2022





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