About the Book

About the Book


A second chance for humankind

God_s Intervention by Ken Little and Helen Davies_salvation-inspiration-utopian-futuristic

“God’s Intervention” outlines in detail what needs to be done to create a sustainable world united and at peace. The key is to get homo sapiens to become at with their species and ultimately at one with every living thing on planet Earth. The storyline assumes divine intervention to make it more entertaining, but human beings could implement the changes on their own.

“God” in this book is not the God of Earth’s mainstream religions. (Read more: “Is There A Universal Life Force?).

Existing political and religious leaders continue to pursue their parochial interests and are not trying to unite the people of Earth. (Read more: Tribalism and How To Overcome It.).

Humankind has what it takes to become at one with itself and with our planet. (Read more: The Life Force Within Us.).

The pace of technological change on Earth is increasing geometrically, while political and religious institutions are rigid and extremely slow to evolve. Like lemmings rushing toward the edge of the cliff, we are approaching an increasing number of tipping points that could spell the end of our species. (Read more: The Pace of Technological Change vs. Social Change.).

The unification and salvation of humankind ultimately falls to each of us individually. It will take more than one courageous Gretta Thunberg to lead us forward. (Read more: “Saving Humankind Without Divine Intervention.).

 Kenneth B. Little

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April 30, 2022





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