We’re Better Than That

We’re Better Than That


When I sit down with just about any parent and discuss what kind of future they want to see for their children and their children’s children, we rapidly agree that we would like a sustainable world, united and at peace.

There are now nearly 8 billion of us on board spaceship Earth. In the last two hundred years, we have made monumental technological advances which all promised to bring us closer to our shared goal. Unfortunately, when we look at what we have done to our planet and what we continue to do to one another, it is hard to say whether we are getting closer to our goal or whether we are in fact heading for mutual annihilation.

Over the next few months, I will be posting a series of short articles on trends in modern society and the things we do that are causing us to backslide.

I will also offer my thoughts on how we could start moving forward instead of backward. It is my sincere hope that you will share your thoughts on the various topics and that perhaps a few of you will become champions of positive change.

My overall theme will be “We’re Better Than That”.

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